Repairstorm is the #1 Platform for After-Sales Service Management

Say goodbye to messy paper and outdated software.

Deliver a better after-sales experience to your customers.

Cut transaction costs, deliver faster & show your customers that you’re not fumbling with their orders.

  • Keep customers in the loop with automated emails or texts
  • Empower any employee with quick and easy order lookup
  • Quickly and accurately answer pricing questions- no matter how complex
Find Customers with a Tap

Find Customers with a Tap

‘Hello mam/sir. What’s your phone number?’ Tap, enter a partial number, list of customers come up, Tap to select. ‘Which machine are we working on today?’ ‘Is it the SHIHL OILOMATIC?’ Tap to select. ‘I see we did a full tune last year.’  ‘Let’s get a new chain on this for you for the summer now.’ Tap and done.

The tag fell off!?

The tag fell off!?

Oops, the tag is gone. No problem. Tap, tap in the serial number of the machine and up comes the order. No more lost machines.

Any Employee, Anywhere

Any Employee, Anywhere

Any employee can look up an order from anywhere. Customer calls, no transferring to the “service” department. They can look up the order on a computer, tablet or phone while in the office or on a beach.

50 User Accounts FREE

50 User Accounts FREE

Get your ENTIRE staff on the same page. Add and remove users without worrying about how much it will cost, its free!

The Joy of
Happy Customers &
More Revenue

Lower transaction costs make you more money & make your customers & employees happy

When your employees spend less time trying to find tickets and calling customer they have more time to do the actual work. That increases your workflow and the number of lawnmowers or screens you can repair. Imagine being able to do more repairs with less employees!



This is easy!


Services & parts for your store are laid like a modern point of sale system. Service techs just tap (or click) on the services & parts to add them to the order.


Pre-configured out of the box! You will not have to enter in make and models. We have all that work done for you. Just go to work!


Automated emails means less phone calls and faster communication! When the order is complete the customer is notified automatically by email.

Pre-configured. Easy to use. Feature rich.

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Monthly subscription pricing varies depending on your volume and requirements. Starting at $119.99/month

After-Sales Management Made Easy.