Simplify Maintenance and Repair Workflows
with Custom Checklists

Easily create Custom Checklists to make sure no important steps are missed

  • RepairStorm’s Custom Checklists are flexible and easily configured for every business to document steps for their important processes.
  • Although simple for the user, these checklists can be intricate and used for the most complex maintenance and repair workflows.
  • Checklist items can contain any binary values for example, yes/no or pass/fail. Based on the value selected, another checklist can be triggered. For example, if a chainsaw is checked to make sure it turns starts before starting a repair and expected to start but doesn’t, the tech won’t follow the same checklist. Instead, there will be another checklist to complete.

Work faster and with more clarity for even the most complex processes

  • Employees, not just techs, know what was done, when the checklist item was completed, and by who which helps them work more efficiently while promoting transparency and better communication.
  • Management can look at the analytics of what’s been repaired, common parts needed, high performing techs, and more to determine areas of improvement.
  • Notes can be easily added to checklist items for more explanation.
  • Every tech, not just the most experienced one, understands even the most complex repair process. Even if every tech isn’t able to perform the service, they know what resources are needed to complete the workflow and can clearly communicate with customers.

Know what parts are needed before accepting a repair or maintenance order

  • Businesses are able to attach a bill of materials to checklists so employees know what materials are needed in order to complete the repair or maintenance workflow.
  • Attaching a bill of materials to checklists, combined with analytics on what parts are consumed the most, helps companies optimize purchasing.
  • If using RepairStorm shop inventory and purchasing, the employee is able to see immediately if the materials needed to complete the service are in stock and if they aren’t you can order them all within the RepairStorm platform.

Trigger Custom Checklists in a variety of ways, based on unlimited properties

  • A company may want to trigger a Custom Checklist depending on product properties like the brand, model, make of the machine and/or the product type. For example, if a customer brings in a STIHL chainsaw to be serviced a checklist could be triggered because it’s a chainsaw or the brand
  • The company may also want to trigger a checklist for a workflow based on one or several properties of the order. For example. A medical device repair business may want to trigger a checklist based on what state the work order is coming from to ensure certain state regulations are followed.

Custom Checklists by RepairStorm are more than a simple checklist.
They help your team stay on top of repetitive and necessary steps in your workflows.

Standardize even the most complex processes to ensure a high-quality customer experience every time and instill employee confidence.