Service Order Transfers

Are you shipping your service orders to another store or centralized service center? RepairStorm automates that complex process and makes it easy!

Have a Centralized Service Center? Third Party Service Center?

Whether you ship your service order to another store you own or a third party service center RepairStorm makes processing and managing those orders quick and easy.  Even if you send re-screen order to outside store B, new screen orders to outside store c, outdoor power equipment service orders to another store or third party and do sharpening in-house our solution will handle all that complexity and make is easy.

RepairStorm enables easy and automatic transfers and tracks service orders that are sent to outside service centers. Our solution can automatically move new orders into various workflows based on the type of order. For example, new screen builds can be set to a status of Ship to Screen Center. The software allows for the receiving store to take “temporary ownership” of the order and manage the order with their own workflow or statuses. The stores of origin can see that the order is at the outside service center and have insight into exactly where the order is in relation to the workflow/status at the outside service center. The outside service center can “return” the order back to the store of origin once the service work has been completed.  Don’t worry!  We set all this up for you.