• View service order history including where it’s been
  • View current status i.e. repair complete or waiting for parts
  • Each business is able to set their own list of statuses to track
  • Specify all the repair parts attached to a service order at the time it’s dropped off
  • Employees can easily look up if a customer dropped off an order item and if so, when and where
  • Every piece apart of a service order is labeled to make sure all pieces stay together
  • Know when a part of an order is missing before it’s sent to another location
  • Every labeled item has a barcode and work order number to enable quick lookup
  • Choose pick-up location with the customer at the time of drop-off or easily change it later
  • Adjust which locations a customer can drop off or pick up a specified service order i.e. X store offers small engine repair only, Y store offers drop-off and pick-up but no services
  • When an order is ready for pick-up at the correct location, the customer is automatically notified.
  • At the time of service, if an additional item is needed from the customer or if the customer simply forgot a part and drops it off later employees can easily “catch up” the item with the rest of the order
  • “Catch up” functionality unique to Repairstorm is another way RepairStorm ensures all order items stay together

RepairStorm has additional software components that can be used with Service Order Transfers.

For example, checklists can be added to a business’s Service Order Transfer workflow to guarantee specific delivery rules or special packing directions are met.