Cut transaction costs with built-in small parts and repair parts inventory for your service center

RepairStorm Simplifies The Complexity Of Parts Inventory Resulting in Reduced Transaction Costs & Increased Throughput.

Use StormScan to easily integrate with ANY Point of Sale


RepairStorm created StormScan to eliminate the predicament of not being able to decrement inventory that is consumed on a shop order. StormScan enables businesses to painlessly reconcile inventory across separate systems. Simply use the RepairStorm scanner to scan the barcodes on the work order into your POS system.

Spend less time and money on reconciling inventory

With everything in the cloud, eliminate miscommunication mistakes that result from using separate systems and undependable paper. Remove inefficiencies and watch your labor and transaction costs drop.

Simply add parts to new or existing quotes & work orders


When adding parts to a new work order or quote know immediately if you don’t have the necessary parts. Empower your team with real-time inventory information to better communicate and manage customer expectations.

Effortlessly track quantities backordered, committed, consumed


Keeping track of your inventory numbers in your shop should be easy. RepairStorm keeps it simple and lets you quickly access your inventory quantities in each status. Free up capital by eliminating over-ordering parts and eliminating lost spare parts inventory.

Say goodbye to messy paper and complex software!

Systematically identify all parts, streamline your work order process and consolidate parts with RepairStorm.

Learn how with a free 15-minute personalized demo.