Getting started is Fast & Easy!

We know your repair shop is busy so we made it very easy to get started. We do most of the work for you. All we need is about 2 hours from you and your repair shop manager to start saving you time and making you more money.

We only need 2 hours of your time

The actual demo will only take about 10 min. We have added 20 minutes here for any questions you may have.

30 Minutes

We will schedule a quick meeting with the repair services manager to collect the pricing for your store.

15 Minutes

Once we have your pricing information it will take us about 72 hours to get your store ready. We may need a quick 15 minute call with the service shop manager to clarify any questions we may have.

45 Minutes

Once we have your store ready we will need a 30 to 45 minute call with the service shop manager and some of your technicians. We will walk you through everything we set up and train you on how to use RepairStorm. We also have 3 videos available to watch that are less than 15 minutes in total. After watching the first video anybody will be able to enter a new order.

A few minutes

We will check back with your service shop manager after 1 week and after 1 month to see if there are any questions and if there is anything you would like to change in the software.

No Time

We offer unlimited support for your shop. If you ever have any questions just pick up the phone, email, or complete a help request.