Get Paid and Easily Track Warranty Claims

Get Paid

  • Automated email reminders sent to vendors with late claims.
  • Easily search for claims based on payment status and quickly modify the payment status to keep vendors up to date.
  • Lookup vendor accounts to view their current balance and quickly modify payment status to keep vendor accounts up to date.

Stay Organized

  • Track claim details like the date the claim was made, amount, the purchase date for product, defective parts, replacement parts, and time spent on service.
  • Keep track of documents from vendors, employees, or customers (i.e. a receipt or checklist from vendor) by adding them to the claim in RepairStorm.
  • Effortlessly manage stacked or combined warranties (i.e.manufacturers warranty will cover labor while extended warranty covers the parts).

Manage Vendor Relationships

  • Transfer warranty claims to vendors using a RepairStorm vendor portal, automated email template, manual email, or through the website.
  • View vendor history and notes to work more efficiently with each vendor.
  • Set payment terms for each vendor, specified by the vendor, so employees can know when to expect payment for a specific claim.

Say goodbye to messy paper and complex systems!

Warranty Claims Tracking Made Simple.