Whether you manufacturer outdoor apparel or outdoor power equipment, we can help you streamline your warranty and repair operations.

  • Automation to streamline the claims and repair process
  • Manage hundreds of retail warranty locations from a single dashboard
  • Automatic customer notifications
  • White-label available on your corporate website
  • Manage and track transfers from the store to the repair center(s) and back
  • Enhanced collaboration of warranty management processes
  • Improved visibility to data for superior product quality
  • 100% cloud-based, nothing to install

In today’s challenging retail environment, manufacturers are seeking new ways to stand out in the market and drive profitable growth. Increasingly, manufacturers are discovering that optimized product warranty and repair programs can both enhance the customer experience and boost profits. Too often companies struggle with inefficient and outdated warranty management software that burdens the enterprise with inefficiencies, poor visibility, and frustrated customers.

RepairStorm helps manufacturers quickly roll out easy-to-use warranty and repair software to all of their retail locations to enhance customer satisfaction and increase brand value.

Example of a Warranty Repair Process

Here is an example of warranties being processed by a retail store and sent to a centralized repair center or shop. The repair shop can either be in-house, 3rd party or a mix.

  1. Customer brings in an item to a retail location to be repaired.
  2. Customer is automatically sent an email receipt with a description of the repair and an estimated completion date.  Additional marketing messages or offers can easily be inserted into these transaction emails.
  3. A label with a tracking bar code is automatically printed and affixed to the item.
  4. The item is scheduled for shipment to the repair shop. Bar codes are scanned along the way to track when the item left the retail store, and when it arrived at the repair shop.
  5. The item is added to a repair order queue.  The repair technicians can easily notify the customer by automated email of any updates and changes to the repair order.
  6. The item is tracked back to the retail store. Upon arrival at the retail store, the item is scanned in receiving and an email or text message is automatically sent to the customer notifying them that their repair is complete and ready for pick-up.
  7. Automated follow-up email is sent to the customer asking if they were happy with the service along with optional marketing messages (i.e. if happy: upsell. If unhappy, coupon code or number to call).
Call to set up your personalized demo and be assured that RepairStorm can configure our software suite to meet your business requirements and delight your employees.

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