• Eliminate pricing errors and enable anyone in the shop to price screens
  • End the frustration of hunting through reams of pricing information and doing complicated calculations by hand
  • Stop drawing screen configurations by hand
  • Track screen material and parts with our inventory module

Whether you use united inch or pricing tables to charge by line item or fully assembled units, RepairStorm’s easy-to-use, advanced screen configurators deliver accurate screen pricing to your customers and spot-on material usage requirements for your shop.

RepairStorm makes it easy to enter your customer’s specifications. All you do is enter measurements (length and width) and select frame color, frame width, and material from the handy drop down lists. These lists are configured to reflect your shop materials such as springs, pulls, plunger pins, and spline.

Window Screen Drawing Feature

RepairStorm’s Screen Drawing Feature make sure that the screen techs are building screens to the exact specifications your customer asked for.

  • By visually showing where plungers, springs, handles, and crossbars go, confusion is eliminated
  • Easily send orders to a 3rd party or off-site screen center
  • Scan screen orders as they leave the store, work is completed and when returned to the store
  • Eliminate chicken scratch drawings that are difficult for the screen tech to understand
  • Eliminate faxing hand drawings

We thought of everything!

  • You can Specify
    • Colors
    • Materials
    • Width
    • Any optional features you might want to add
  • Price screens the way you want
    • Whole cost of screens
      include material and labor all in one price
    • Cost of screens + spline
      separate out the cost of spline
    • Based on parts and materials
      show cost of individual parts
      show materials costs based on united inch
    • Graduated labor scales
      smart enough to know how much more labor larger screens take than smaller screens
    • Multi United Inch pricing
      separate out material costs per united inch and labor costs per united inch
    • Equation Pricing
      plug-in an equation directly into RepairStorm and it will calculate your pricing for you based on length and width
    • Variable Frame Width Pricing
      adjust the price of the screen automatically based on the width of frame being used
    • Screen Door Table Groupings
      attach multiple categories of screen doors to one easy-to-use button
  • Advanced pricing metrics
    RepairStorm runs analytics to recommend what your UI costs should be, based on your pricing table data
If you have a window screen shop, our software was built for you!